By Albrecht von Stetten

From birth, we are wired to observe micro-expressions in other people’s faces. Besides self-awareness, this deep understanding of others is key to human-to-human connections.

My thesis is that only artists with razor-sharp observation skills, a deep understanding of human nature, and the ability to translate this into a work of art – only that small group of dedicated artists are able to notice, process, and express these subtle nuances.

Philipp is such a white raven. After reviewing thousands of artists and meeting more than 400 of them during my travels, I found Philipp’s ability to deconstruct and recreate his own reality based on his personal visions and beliefs second to none.

But don’t get distracted by his technical virtuosity. The crystal clear reality that springs from his brushes reveal a clear view, deep beneath the surface, under which the full range of human emotions and inner truths emerge.

Therefore, with great pleasure, I invite you to be part of Philipp’s ‘Mercy’ series and witness the early stages of what will become the most influential series of hyperrealistic paintings of their time.

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Philipp Weber

Absorbed with his drive for perfection, Philipp practices the patience and focus of a Shaolin monk, diligently creating his large-format portraits, which are absolutely faithful to real life.

His artistic aptitude was recognized early on, and his teachers urged him to follow his passion. Doing so, he pursued a fine art degree in Kassel, Germany, and already held his first solo show before graduating.

“The level of detail of the old masters has always fascinated me, as well as the first generation of photorealists like Chuck Close,” says Philipp. “They are my role models and inspiration.”

The physical expressiveness of his models are strengthened by patterns from history and pop culture, religious symbolism, and elementary carriers of meaning. Especially water plays a central role in Philipp’s work as he considers it to be the universal source of life.

Philipp’s artwork thus provides room for existential reflection and insight. “My works are about the second level, about what lies behind the surface. Hyperrealism for me is not just maximizing details but much more about maximizing feeling.”


Exhibitions & Achievements

2001 “Gegenständlich“, Stiftung Starke, Löwenpalais, Berlin, Germany

2001 “Zwischenwelten“, University of the Arts (UdK) Berlin, Germany

2002 “Charmed“, Galerie Hofmann + Kyrath, Berlin, Germany              

2003 “Purity“, Galerie Ulrich Gering, Frankfurt, Germany    

2004 “Spektrum Kunstlandschaft“, Hessische Landesvertretung, Berlin, Germany

2005 “Deep – Action“, Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin, Germany

2008 “Attraction!“, Castle Callenberg, Coburg, Germany 

2008 “Weißes Herz“, Galerie Ulrich Gering, Frankfurt, Germany 

2009 “Heads & Figures”, Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munich, Germany

2009 “Broken Vision”, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Mannheim, Germany

2011 “Creatura”, Galerie Ulrich Gering, Frankfurt, Germany   

2012 “Malen im Quadrat“, Galerie Ulrich Gering, Frankfurt, Germany

2013 “32 Künstler – 32 Galerien”, Kunsthalle Wiesbaden, Germany

2014 “Der zweite Blick”, Galerie Supper, Baden – Baden, Germany

2015 “Schätze aus Privatbesitz“, Pforzheim Galerie, Pforzheim, Germany

2016 “Beyond Reality“, Mulan Gallery, Singapore

2018 “Lebenswege“, Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel, Germany

2019 “Master Links – Ibex Collection”, SIRI HOUSE, Singapore

2019 “Master Links – Ibex Collection”,Sansiri Gallery, Hong Kong

2021 Galeries Bartoux, London, United Kingdom

2022 “Art Must Go On“, Galeries Bartoux, Paris, France

2022 “Superrealism“, Art Center Horus, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

A preview to

His Most Influential Series Ever

Eternal Breath

Oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Daoism states that existence is determined by opposite and conflicting powers: good and evil, life and death – Yin and Yang.

Only in this mutual relationship does a universal whole emerge, an eternal cycle. Yin and yang thus characterize ongoing processes of change and eternal return.

Philipp translates this ancient philosophy and places it into his own contemporary universe: dressed in black and white with their mouths slightly open, the young women focus on their breathing.

This perpetual cycle connects them with the universe surrounding them, symbolized through falling water drops – water being the source of all life, mimicking a starry sky with brilliant sparkles of light in front of a seemingly infinite background.

‘Eternal Breath’ is the first chapter of an ongoing series that combines a multitude of philosophical and spiritual concepts and forms an imaginative space within Philipp Weber’s world in which the viewer is deeply involved.


Oil on canvas, 220 x 270 cm

Philipp Weber’s artwork requires us to look beyond the facade, as his real strength lies in the fact that he has the ability to dig deep into his subconscious and present us with his own reality, often a contemporary translation of human emotions and inner truths, mixed with religion and ancient rites that stem from his Nordic DNA.

If we look closer, we notice a cutting tattoo emblazoned on the central figure’s chest. The fine lines of the scars form a star, which is a symbol of protection and orientation in the darkness of the night. A cross grows out of it – in Christianity, this symbolizes the relationship between God and humanity.

‘Grace’ conveys an intensely positive mood to the viewer because, just like the two front figures, which are blurred and out of focus, they too can hope for mercy for moments full of joy and fulfillment. Impressive by the size and execution alone, this Masterpiece will also be Philipp’s central work for the ‘Mercy’ series.

Rituals of Life

Oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm

How can we cope with our vulnerabilities and heal the wounds we have received throughout our existence?

‘Rituals of Life confronts the viewer symbolically with this aspect of existentialism, showcasing that our search for meaning is not always without violence. Philipp points out that we as humans often connect with a higher power through rituals, be it God or the universe, in the hope of strengthening us from the burdens of the soul.

Through her powerful, demanding gaze, we can determine that she is aware of her decisions, actions, and vulnerabilities, as she tries to

appease a higher power with a sacrifice. Smears of blood hint at the intensity of this ritual act.

As if by chance, a drop of blood stained the forehead of the young woman throughout the ritual, hinting at a ‘Hindu bindi,’ like an energetic third eye that marks the seat of secret knowledge and mental balance.

Rituals of Life represents a perception beyond reality and symbolizes the gateway to inner spaces and worlds: we bear the universe
in our minds.

Signs of Infinity

Oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm

As human beings, we are often confronted with our own vulnerabilities – life events tend to leave traces in the soul’s psyche. With Signs of Infinity, Philipp Weber addresses this, but since everything in the universe requires balance, he also points to the positive aspects of trust in a higher power.

Embedded in an ornament reminiscent of flames, the rune creates an allusion to the mythical creature phoenix and its constant rebirth from fire. There is also an ambivalence between the injury suffered and the positive symbolism created by the scar pattern. Again this ambivalence symbolizes the human ability to suffer, and, at the same time, it refers to the strength that can arise from suffering.

The falling water supports this positive interpretation and is used as a reoccurring theme throughout the Mercy series. On the dark blue background, luminous drops of water form a starry sky: the women are surrounded by a universe that blesses them in all its infinity.

Spreading Wings

Oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm

What is the essence of our humanity? Are we figures of light or darkness? Angelic or devilish? With ‘Spreading Wings,’ Philipp Weber once more shows us the continuous attempts of the universe to balance itself out, as both are always present simultaneously: The battle of good against evil.

Humankind is free to act according to their moral principles in a primarily secularized world. We strive for freedom, for a life of autonomy and self-determination.

But freedom also means accepting responsibility for the consequences of your actions, harboring the possibility of success and the risk of failure. The autonomous individual is allowed happiness and must now answer for suffering himself. Philipp adds that people seek relief from the burden of doubt and healing from mental injuries in religion and spirituality.

We witness spiritual purification, giving the individual new strength without an attempt to hide the moral ambivalence inherent in human beings. Spreading Wings is a plea for the autonomous individual who, at the same time, stands by his spiritual consciousness.

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