The IBEX Artists



Born 1983, Italy


Emanuele Dascanio, from the serene terrains of Garbagnate Milanese, is celebrated for his intricate graphite and charcoal sketches that bridge the realms of emotion and intuition.

His creations, featuring both timelessness and modern evocation, have earned admiration worldwide, standing as narratives that delve deep into existential themes and the human experience.



Born 1987, Italy


While his techniques and fine details are reminiscent of the old masters, Grassi infuses his works with a unique contemporary spirit, elevating them beyond hyperrealism. Instead, they capture the essence of human transformation.

Adept at the delicate ‘sfumato’ technique, Grassi’s paintings are a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and dedication to his craft. His works echo themes of human resilience, our bond with nature, and the ever-evolving dance of transformation.



Born 1963, South Korea


From the bustling heart of Seoul, Jeong Hae Kwang emerges as a beacon of realism; art with emotional resonance and a touch of sensuality. His works exude warmth and human connection. They navigate themes of materialism, societal roles, and modern-day narcissism.

An alumnus of the College of Fine Art at Chung-Ang University, Hae Kwang’s oeuvre has graced prestigious galleries from Singapore to St. Petersburg.



Born 1980, Argentina


Martin’s canvases breathe life into illusionary realms where theater, dance, and symbolism come together. A true alchemist at heart, he captivates with depictions of metamorphoses between the tangible and ethereal.

With a foundation rooted in early years of artistic discipline —Martin’s artistry thrives on dialogue. It’s a reflection of his intellectual nature and his vision for a brighter collective future. His Masterpieces urge us to pause, ponder, and revel in life’s profound moments.

Aurelio r.


Born 1958, Spain


Aurelio paints intimate tales, like the poignant farewell of lovers or the pure wonder of children encountering fresh bread—a craft that earned him the top honor at the International Biennial of Pastel, Spain in 2011.

Skilled in multiple mediums, yet profoundly devoted to pastel, he’s received accolades such as the BP Portrait Awards. His artistry graces prestigious galleries, including Barcelona’s Spanish Museum of Modern Art (MEAM).



Born 1966, Chile


From a young age, Sergio demonstrated exceptional talent in drawing, evolving into an artist renowned for his intricate portraits and nudes. With his skillful brushwork and exquisite handling of light, his works are compelling in their depiction of strong, empowered women.

Sergio is a formidable figure in contemporary art, blending detailed planning with artistic spontaneity in each masterpiece.



Born in 1977, Spain


A distinguished graduate from the Fine Arts University of the Basque Country and the New York Academy of Figurative Art, Arantzazu Martinez possesses an uncanny ability to blend Romanticism and symbolism in her works.

Her masterpieces, with their ethereal play of light and shadow, have garnered international acclaim, marking collaborations like “Star Wars Visions” and Best in Show at the Art Renewal Center Award.



Born 1970, South Korea


Hyung-Jin operates within the realm of superrealism. His works strive for an ideal beauty rather than precise accuracy. Drawing inspiration from both Western and Eastern artistic traditions, he creates a unique blend that might best be described as ‘utopian realism’.

A former art instructor at Konkuk University and Hansung University, Hyung-Jin often draws upon his students as models. His distinctive artworks are in prestigious private collections and renowned museums, such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul.



Born 1962, Spain


A Barcelona-born maestro, Gabriel Picart exhibits remarkable versatility, mastering realism while venturing into captivating conceptual territories.

From his early years as a sought-after illustrator to his evolution into a celebrated fine artist, Picart’s dedication to detail and narrative storytelling remain constant. Drawing inspiration from historical epochs and Renaissance techniques, he crafts intricate pieces that echo the essence of Caravaggio and Vermeer. 



Born in 1965, Japan


Nobuyuki is a proud graduate of Masushiro Art University, he crafts ethereal masterpieces that capture the dance of light and shadow.

These artworks, with their meticulous attention to detail—from moles to the delicate threads of lace—are sought after globally, finding pride of place in revered spaces like the Hoki Museum.

With artworks that sell years in advance, Shimamura weaves a narrative of depth and unparalleled artistic power in every canvas. 



Born in 1971, Russia


Born in St. Petersburg, Alexander is a painter of brutal honesty, wielding his brush to delve deep into the layers of societal observation and human introspection. With roots in Russia’s finest art institutions, his works stand as powerful encounters—not mere illustrations—each piece resonating with an evocative story that speaks directly to the viewer’s subconsciousness.

Rooted in Russia’s prestigious art heritage and molded by the cultural mélange of Berlin, Timofeev’s journey has been one of perpetual evolution. 



Born in 1959, Spain


Dino Valls charted a unique artistic journey, transitioning from medicine to self-taught oil painting. Infusing classical techniques with modern psychological themes, his works probe the depths of the human psyche, echoing his medical background.

Drawing from Italian and Flemish masters, especially in his use of egg tempera, Valls’ paintings stand as intellectual explorations and visual masterpieces, resonating deeply with global collectors.



Born in 1963, Belgium

Christiane Vleugels was profoundly influenced by her artist father, Julien Vleugels. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Globally exhibited, from Galeries Bartoux to the IBEX Masters collective, her mastery lies in detailed oil on canvas, with her evocative depictions of women inviting viewers into a realm of deep emotional resonance and ethereal beauty.



Born in 1974, Germany


Philipp Weber’s artistry stands as a testament to photorealism intertwined with pop elements. A graduate of the University of the Arts in Berlin, his oeuvre has not only graced global exhibitions but has also seen collaborations with titans like Hyundai Motor Company.

Centering women within his works, he unearths raw emotions, from aspirations to deepest fears, all while capturing the imperfections that make his subjects profoundly human.