The IBEX Artists

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Javier Arizabalo

Javier started learning drawing and painting from a very young age, receiving formal art education and training at the art academy of his Basque hometown Irun and the University of Bilbao. Since 2006, his calling as a painter has been his main occupation. Javier is very focused on technique, as he believes that strong technique is crucial to conveying the theme and message of a painting. His brushstrokes are amazingly fine and his treatment of light is a delight!

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Antonio Castelló Avilleira

Who would have thought that still lifes of fruit could be exciting? Antonio, the world’s foremost painter of hyper-realist fruit compositions, knows exactly how to imbue his works with a startling vibrancy and emotive power. Antonio prefers painting on large formats and is constantly experimenting to find new techniques to capture textures and create even more life-like images of his subjects. His work is grounded and blends classical painting techniques with a modern photographic approach.

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Emanuele Dascanio

Indisputably the most accomplished graphite artist in the world, Emanuele views his drawings as a symphony, where all the dots and lines interact to form an image and a message from the depth of his soul. This Italian artist, who now works and lives in Belgrade after years in Berlin, regards himself as a “creator” who reads and writes, and dabbles in music and painting, which all feeds into his greatest passion and talent: graphite drawing, an art form in which we think he is second to none.

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Hubert de Lartigue

Hubert’s pieces explore modern sex symbology, combined with the feel of vintage-style posters. His portraits capture not just the appearance of his subjects but provide insight into the depth of their personalities. Despite the challenges of using an airbrush, Hubert’s creative genius and intuitive skill produce acrylic portraits that are absolutely captivating in their intensity and aliveness. All 18 models he has ever worked with appeared in his IBEX Masterpiece.

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David Eichenberg

David never switches off his inner artist and is always scanning for faces and features that would be interesting subjects for his paintings.A confident painter, interested in political and social issues, David has more interest in outsiders than mainstream people. Through his works, he hopes to share the beauty of the people he encounters every day, and to create a historical record of human diversity and beauty at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Marco Grassi

An Italian painter with the finest brush stroke the collection has ever seen, Marco paints down to the pores on a person’s face, and only under a microscope have we been able to see his brushstroke. Line quality and delicacy in the colors used are fundamental to his paintings. Marco is particularly interested in the changes in a person’s body and personality, which is why Marco’s paintings often portray people in a moment of metamorphosis.

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Park Hyung-Jin

Hyung Jin does not consider himself a photorealist painter, for he does not pursue perfect registration of the true details of his models. Rather, he strives to create figures that are more representative of an aesthetic utopia than real people. He seeks to express ideal beauty through a process of modification that may involve subtly enlarged eyes, narrowed chins, or skins that have a glazed appearance like in Oriental ceramics. Hyung Jin used to teach art at Konkun & Hansung University.

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Hae-Kwang Jeong

Hae-Kwang’s paintings are rooted in realism and possess a vivid emotional power and sensuous flair. His works are modern yet have a warm and human feeling. Interested in the commercialism, materialism, social issues and the role of women in contemporary Korean society, Hae-Kwang discusses narcissism and communication in his works, which sometimes playfully upend time and space in modern vernacular. A thoughtful person, he is hopeful in his outlook.

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Martin Llamedo

Martin was born in Argentina in the 1980s. At an early age Martin dove into the art world by training in ceramics and sculptures. Later, he graduated with a Master’s degree of Visual Arts. Because of this degree he has created costumes, lighting and scenography for dance in various dance companies in major theaters. Martin is an intellectual artist and always enjoys deep conversations about the current state of society and what the future might hold.

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Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez

Born in the year 1958 in Genave, Spain, the painter Aurelio Lopez quickly dove into the magical realm of creating art. While trained in many mediums, including film lithography, etching and aquatint, Aurelio’s medium of voice is pastel painting on panels. He helt his first solo exhibition in 1991 and 28 years later received a ‘Master Circle Pastellist’-medal at the 8th IAPS Convention in New Mexico. Aurelio Lopez is an official IBEX artist since 2017.

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Arantzazu Martinez

Artist Arantzazu Martinez is from Victoria, Spain. After finishing her studies at the Fine Arts University of the Basque Country in 2000, she moved to New York to attend the Academy of Figurative Art. Arantzazu draws inspiration from painters such as Marià Fortuny, Joaquín Sorolla, and Diego Velázquez, and what she describes as “the pictorial power of the Iberian landscape”. Building on Romanticism and Symbolism, Arantzazu is one of the representatives of contemporary realism.

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Sergio Martinez

Born in Concepcion, Chile in 1966, Sergio began to develop his artistic talents at a young age. Now Sergio is a well-known nudity painter. After marrying his wife Lizeth, she became his first subject for his portraits, and she has returned to his canvas on his masterpiece ‘Portrait of Desire’. Sergio enjoys becoming friends with his models, which allows unique ideas to form and brings a wonderful atmosphere to the studio. Sergio has a permanent exhibition at Summer Gallery in Miami.

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Osamu Obi

Osamu is drawn to elements that suggest the unseen: the mark of someone’s touch; a scratch that remains; a wall that is aging even as it stands as a silent witness. These things exist in the moment but point to a past and change as they move into the future. It is this feeling of constant transformation that fascinates Osamu and that he strives to capture on canvas—in turn leaving his own marks on time. Yet his works always retain a light and warm quality

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Gabriel Picart

Gabriel was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1962, where he lives and works. His family lived in the concierge's pavilion of the famous Park Güell. Growing up in an artistic environment like this, very soon developed an interest in art. Still a teenager, he worked on illustration commissions throughout Europe. From1985 to 1995, Gabriel won assignments from all the major publishing houses in America and Canada. After that, he decided to focus on his own paintings, leading to great succes. Since 2015, Picart is an official IBEX artist.

Nobuyuki Shimamura

Nobuyuki lives and works near the ocean in Saitama Prefecture. In this laidback environment, he painstakingly creates his works which are all sold years in advance to collectors on his long waiting list. His paintings often require over a dozen thin layers of paint for the background and his models in order to achieve the alive, translucent effect of their skin and bluish veins. Every mole, hair, eyelash, and thread of lace receives his full attention.

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Alexander Timofeev

Born to prominent artists in the Soviet Union, Alexander received Russia’s finest state education at the art school and art academy of St. Petersburg from ages 6 to 24. Upon graduation Alexander moved to Berlin at the turn of the millennium, where he found himself questioning everything he had known about cultural, religious and societal norms, throwing out anything he found false, while retaining the truths and values that he uncovered or reaffirmed.

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Dino Valls

Artist Dino Valls was born in Saragossa, Spain in the year ’59. Dino is one of the most unique artists we, at IBEX, have ever met. Dino Vall his roots are in medicine, and it is because of the human figures within his textbooks, his passion for art began. Dino’s works are about exploring the innermost workings of his mind, venturing into the depths of his brain in order to create striking masterpieces. All of his pieces are all created only from his mind, using no photographic references or live models.

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Christiane Vleugels

In the year 1963, Christiane was born in Schoten, Belgium. She began painting at the age of 12 and became a professional painter at 17. This included many years of commissioned work to sustain her family, whilst also creating artworks of her liking. In the present, Christiane creates pieces that hold powerful messages, some of those coming from the models on her canvas. She always likes to have good friendships with her models. Christiane has been an official IBEX painter since the year 2014.

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Philipp Weber

Philipp was born in the year 1974 in Germany. He has forged a clear artistic progression throughout his career. He now has two assistants to pass his expertise and experience onto, which also makes his long working days in his spacious atelier more companionable. Philipp’s inspiration comes from movies, books, travel, fellow artists and creative folks, and above all people’s personal stories about their lives, stories that go beyond any flawless skin or fancy facades.

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Wang XiaoBo

Born in 1974 and working out of a beautiful studio space in his home in Beijing, Xiaobo is a deeply intellectual, empathetic, and multi-faceted person. This depth is reflected in the variety of his artwork. While in his early career he focused on robust semi-nudes in awkward poses reminiscent of Lucien Freud, in recent years he has dedicated himself to capturing moments in the course of intimate relationships. Besides painting, he has a passion for fine Chinese teas.

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