masterpiece in progress

Mother Nature

By Marco Grassi

Leda and the swan

Myth and Mastery

In his newest Masterpiece, Marco Grassi recalls a famous Greek mythological tale and connects it to the topic of climate change. Here, he represents “Mother Nature” as the woman on the floor being mankind and the Swan the natural kingdom. This fills the traditional motif with new meaning.

This new interpretation highlights the intrinsic connection between humanity and the natural world, a theme frequently depicted in Marco’s paintings. Underlying this portrayal is a subtle commentary on the delicate balance between these two elements. Here he offers a more optimistic portrayal compared to the previous work, ‘Captivity,’ wherein the natural world, symbolized by a chameleon, is depicted as enslaved by humanity.

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The Swan's Mystique
The Swan, an embodiment of nature as we know it, envelops this female. Its wings extend, creating an almost protective aura.
Leda's Enigma
Lying down, facing the viewer, yet with her gaze averted, the girl's expression is a tapestry of emotions – vulnerability, contemplation, and subtly reveals a hint of perplexity.
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get to know the master

Marco Grassi

With the finest stroke the world has ever seen, Marco’s paintings feature incredibly lifelike depictions of his subjects, down to the pores on their faces.

The line quality and delicacy of the colors used in his works are fundamental to their success and contribute to the sense that the paintings are alive and you want to touch them.

Marco’s focus on capturing the changes in a person’s body and personality, often portraying them in moments of metamorphosis, establishes him as a true master of his craft. It’s safe to say that nobody before has painted so fine, and anyone in the future will paint so fine.