Paradox of Evolution

By Marco Grassi


Introducing “Paradox of Evolution”, an oil on canvas masterpiece by Marco Grassi. This breathtaking work of art showcases Grassi’s mastery of the oil medium and skill in capturing an exhilarating moment in our evolution. Measuring 320 x 240 cm (125.98 x 94.49 inches), this painting is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who behold it. The rich colors, ultra fine detail, and relevant contemporary topics all work together to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Three Figures
Uncover the harmony of human and nature in this stunning painting. Three intertwined figures convey unity and balance. Be inspired by its beauty and unveil the deeper meaning in this masterpiece to be captivated by its story.
Marco Grassi embraces our humanity with this stunning figurine. The left female figure embodies the essence of craftsmanship, evident in her intricate necklace of gold and precious stones. Her transformation from body to porcelain and ceramics symbolizes a fusion of Eastern and Western art forms. She stands for humanity.
Explore the interplay between nature and the physical world with this stunning central figure, who represents the earth. The male figure embodies the essence of the amorphous natural component, with the blue of his body symbolizing the sea and sky. His arm transforms into a solid material, representing the earth and rock. This thought-provoking piece invites you to contemplate the connection between the natural and the tangible, and to find beauty in the balance between the two.
Be inspired by the beauty of nature with this captivating right female figure. Representing the animal component of the natural world, this figure is adorned with the delicate beauty of butterflies and the chameleon, symbolizing the essence of the animal kingdom. Allow this stunning artwork to transport you to a world of pure beauty and serenity, where nature and beauty comes together in perfect harmony.

Humanity, Earth and Nature

The dynamic

Three figures intertwined in a breathtaking painting showcase the balance between man, earth, and nature. The earth extends its arms in an offering to the female representing humanity but is rejected and ignored. However, nature on the right lovingly embraces the man, representing its great affection and respect.