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Exhibition at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bodrum


IBEX Masters


As a patron of the fine arts, I firmly believe in evidence-based and rational altruism. A sobering conversation with an artist on an evening in Spain opened my eyes to the grim reality of the art world: in a consumerist society where mediocrity is the norm, highly talented artists often struggle to reach their potential.

One Side Wing

Nobuyuki Shimamura

“One Side Wing” by Nobuyuki Shimamura is an impressive painting that depicts the uncertainty of life and the vulnerability of our existence. The image of a single wing symbolizes the imperfection and uncertainty of our lives, but the presence of a feather near the model symbolizes hope and the ability to survive in uncertain times. The skulls in the background remind us of the value of life and the need to maintain hope, even in the most hardship-filled circumstances. Shimamura creates an emotionally and visually striking work that invites us to consider our own experiences and uncertainties.

Oil on canvas, 182 x 227 cm, 2020

Bless Resistance

Philipp Weber

In this portrait, the woman’s intense gaze reflects both passion and anger, hinting at longing or self-defense. Despite a past wound, her stance exudes determination. Inspired by ‘Susanna at the Bath,’ Philipp Weber blends old-world style with contemporary brilliance. “Bless Resistance” not only captures her mystery but also echoes the untold stories of women in history.

Oil on canvas, 130 x 100 cm, 2019

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