Arantzazu Martinez & Philipp Weber

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The Artistic World of

Arantzazu Martinez

Arantzazu Martinez is a distinguished academic painter from Vitoria, Spain. With a foundation in traditional techniques and contemporary vision, her work epitomizes the fusion of skill and imagination. Trained at the Fine Arts University of the Basque Country and the Water Street Atelier under Jacob Collins, her creations resonate with depth and symbolism.

Arantzazu’s artistic approach blends the techniques of nineteenth-century academic art with a contemporary perspective. Her paintings, executed primarily in oil on linen canvas, capture reality through sensory recreation—embracing form, light, color, touch, and volume.

Freedom Reborn

Arantzazu Martinez

Arantzazu Martinez’s painting “Freedom Reborn” explores her connection to the spiritual feminine. After a year of painting only roses to get familiar with their texture, transparency, colors and shades, this brilliant work celebrates beauty beyond and free from the male gaze; it celebrates love and freedom and embraces the beauty of life in all forms. In a world full of complexity about acceptance and gender, ‘Freedom Reborn’ blows a fresh wind through the idea that we are all free to exist and pursue happiness in the way we choose. There is a universal comfort that seems to embody the word “freedom.”

Oil on canvas, 230 x 300 cm, 2018

Absolute Trust

Arantzazu Martinez

“Absolute Trust,” a masterpiece by Arantzazu Martinez under Jacob Collins’ tutelage, showcases her classical art prowess. The regal figure seated on the ‘Lion King Chair’ exudes power, while surrounding symbols evoke rebirth and transcendence. Her serene confidence, guarded by vigilant birds, contrasts with a subdued gargoyle, symbolizing triumph over fear. A tableau of purity and wisdom unfolds with doves, an owl, and balanced hues, narrating transformation. This monumental masterpiece brings enduring beauty, a tribute to human spirit’s resilience.

Oil on canvas, 230 x 130 cm, 2016

Back into the Unlimited

Arantzazu Martinez

Trained by Jacob Collins, Arantzazu Martinez embodies classical artistry, evident in each creation, including “Back into the Unlimited.” Her technical prowess, balanced compositions, and luminous treatment of light evoke the 19th-century Romantic era. Martinez’s work captures conscious moments, transcending reality to ignite imagination and emotions. “Back into the Unlimited” offers a gateway to a world of hope, love, and magic, unraveling profound connections and desires.

Oil on canvas, 250 x 130 cm, 2021

Discovering the Imagination of

Philipp Weber

Philipp Weber, a visionary hyperrealist artist, devotes himself to the pursuit of perfection with the discipline of a Shaolin monk, meticulously crafting expansive portraits that mirror reality in every detail.

Recognized for his artistic aptitude at an early age, Philipp’s teachers encouraged him to embrace his passion. He embarked on a fine art degree in Kassel, Germany, and astoundingly held his first solo exhibition less than a year after graduation.

Central to Philipp’s oeuvre is the element of water, symbolizing the universal source of life. This thematic connection infuses his work with layers of existential contemplation and insight. Weaving his personal visions and beliefs into his art, Philipp stands out for his ability to reconstruct reality in intricate detail. For Philipp, hyperrealism transcends mere detail—it’s about imbuing art with emotions and resonances.

The Hidden

Philipp Weber

Amidst cold and barren landscapes, a queen and her lady-in-waiting flee, seeking warmth and protection in an engaging painting. Philipp’s portrayal emphasizes their dynamic—the queen’s vulnerability, blurred yet poignant, contrasts with the lady-in-waiting’s resolute strength. Both crowned in gold, they embody wealth, power, and light, while rubies symbolize life, love, protection, and healing.

Oil on canvas, 280 x 180 cm, 2020

Signs of Infinity

Philipp Weber

In ‘Signs of Infinity,’ Philipp Weber captures the delicate balance between vulnerability and trust in a higher purpose. The two female figures are depicted with striking tattoos, symbols of various religions and philosophies representing protection, knowledge, and new beginnings. There’s an ambiguity between the endured wounds and the positive symbolism created by the pattern of scars. Set against a backdrop of falling water, the human capacity to endure and simultaneously draw strength from suffering is highlighted.

Oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm, 2023

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