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IBEX Masters


Rooted in the venerable von Stetten tradition of art patronage, reminiscent of the Medici’s support for masters like da Vinci, IBEX Masters is capturing a new renaissance. We believe in nurturing today’s exceptional artists, for they create the art of tomorrow. The IBEX Masterpieces, inspired by Albrecht von Stetten’s passion, stands testament to our commitment. True art requires time and the profound grasp of human emotion — and at IBEX, we offer our artists the sanctuary to paint, immortalizing micro-expressions and echoing the timeless principle of Noblesse Oblige.


Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi confronts the imbalance between nature and humanity in his latest work. This poignant masterpiece envisions a world where synthetic splendor replaces nature’s grace, tangling humanity within its grip. Amidst this artificial realm, a young woman kneels – a symbol of Earth’s suffering. Her porcelain pallor mirrors nature’s fading hues, reminiscent of bleached coral, a consequence of rising ocean temperatures. “Breathe” is a delicate yet powerful portrayal of our planet’s decline, depicted with Marco Grassi’s trademark precision.

Oil on canvas, 180 x 180 cm, 2022

Freedom Reborn

Arantzazu Martinez

Arantzazu Martinez’s painting “Freedom Reborn” explores her connection to the spiritual feminine. After a year of painting only roses to get familiar with their texture, transparency, colors and shades, this brilliant work celebrates beauty beyond and free from the male gaze; it celebrates love and freedom and embraces the beauty of life in all forms. In a world full of complexity about acceptance and gender, ‘Freedom Reborn’ blows a fresh wind through the idea that we are all free to exist and pursue happiness in the way we choose. There is a universal comfort that seems to embody the word “freedom.”

Oil on canvas, 230 x 300 cm, 2018

One Side Wing

Nobuyuki Shimamura

“One Side Wing” by Nobuyuki Shimamura is an impressive painting that depicts the uncertainty of life and the vulnerability of our existence. The image of a single wing symbolizes the imperfection and uncertainty of our lives, but the presence of a feather near the model symbolizes hope and the ability to survive in uncertain times. The skulls in the background remind us of the value of life and the need to maintain hope, even in the most hardship-filled circumstances. Shimamura creates an emotionally and visually striking work that invites us to consider our own experiences and uncertainties.

Oil on canvas, 182 x 227 cm, 2020

Liber Fulguralis

Dino Valls

This masterpiece called “Liber Fulguralis” is a polyptych consisting of 5 pieces in which the thematic content of the painting plays out in time and space. It describes the development of different stories, where the concepts of Hubris and Nemesis embody the cyclical evolution of man. The right side of the altarpiece shows the dizzying scientific developments that currently occupy mankind, while the left side warns of the danger of hubris. The work wants to remind us that only balance can help us understand our evolutionary dimension and avoid emptiness.

Oil on panel, 241 x 247 cm, 2020


Christiane Vleugels

“Imagine” captures the interplay between dreams and reality. Christiane uses her imaginative prowess to confront the world’s challenges, while the artwork portrays two sleepers basking in morning light, embodying the delicate balance between dreams and waking life. The cymbals represent the inevitable awakening, a reminder that awareness need not diminish our dreams.

Oil on canvas, 170 x 280 cm, 2023

The Hidden

Philipp Weber

Amidst cold and barren landscapes, a queen and her lady-in-waiting flee, seeking warmth and protection in an engaging painting. Philipp’s portrayal emphasizes their dynamic—the queen’s vulnerability, blurred yet poignant, contrasts with the lady-in-waiting’s resolute strength. Both crowned in gold, they embody wealth, power, and light, while rubies symbolize life, love, protection, and healing.

Oil on canvas, 280 x 180 cm, 2020

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