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IBEX Masters


IBEX Masters actively supports top artists all over the world, providing them with the financial means, time, and mental space to create deeply meaningful works that capture everything it means to be human.


Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi confronts the imbalance between nature and humanity in his latest work. This poignant masterpiece envisions a world where synthetic splendor replaces nature’s grace, tangling humanity within its grip. Amidst this artificial realm, a young woman kneels – a symbol of Earth’s suffering. Her porcelain pallor mirrors nature’s fading hues, reminiscent of bleached coral, a consequence of rising ocean temperatures. “Breathe” is a delicate yet powerful portrayal of our planet’s decline, depicted with Marco Grassi’s trademark precision.

Oil on canvas, 180 x 180 cm, 2022

The Artistic World of

Marco Grassi

With the finest stroke the world has ever seen, Marco’s paintings feature incredibly lifelike depictions of his subjects, down to the pores on their faces.

The line quality and delicacy of the colors used in his works are fundamental to their success and contribute to the sense that the paintings are alive and you want to touch them.

Marco’s focus on capturing the changes in a person’s body and personality, often portraying them in moments of metamorphosis, establishes him as a true master of his craft. It’s safe to say that nobody before has painted so fine, and anyone in the future will paint so fine.

Liber Fulguralis

Dino Valls

This masterpiece called “Liber Fulguralis” is a polyptych consisting of 5 pieces in which the thematic content of the painting plays out in time and space. It describes the development of different stories, where the concepts of Hubris and Nemesis embody the cyclical evolution of man. The right side of the altarpiece shows the dizzying scientific developments that currently occupy mankind, while the left side warns of the danger of hubris. The work wants to remind us that only balance can help us understand our evolutionary dimension and avoid emptiness.

Oil on panel, 241 x 247 cm, 2020


Dino Valls

Dino Valls, born in 1959 in Zaragoza, Spain, ignited his artistic journey from a young age with an ardent passion for drawing. Self-taught in oil painting since 1975, he pursued medicine and surgery, graduating in 1982. Yet, his true vocation was art, leading him to fully immerse himself in painting.

A luminary in contemporary figurative art, Valls harmoniously fuses traditional techniques with modern themes, garnering substantial acclaim. His international presence is palpable through exhibitions across Europe and the United States.

Mastery shines in Valls’ meticulous detail and technique. He ventured into egg tempera in the 1990s, crafting a fusion of past masters’ methods. His artworks resonate with art movements, societal reflections, and historical depth, honoring tradition while speaking to contemporary contexts.

One Side Wing

Nobuyuki Shimamura

“One Side Wing” by Nobuyuki Shimamura is an impressive painting that depicts the uncertainty of life and the vulnerability of our existence. The image of a single wing symbolizes the imperfection and uncertainty of our lives, but the presence of a feather near the model symbolizes hope and the ability to survive in uncertain times. The skulls in the background remind us of the value of life and the need to maintain hope, even in the most hardship-filled circumstances. Shimamura creates an emotionally and visually striking work that invites us to consider our own experiences and uncertainties.

Oil on canvas, 182 x 227 cm, 2020

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