The Cycle of Violence

by Vlad Yashin

The Cycle of Violence

by Vlad Yashin

The Cycle of Violence

A Striking Canvas of Love, Betrayal, and Russian Reality

“The Cycle of Violence,” a captivating yet thought-provoking masterpiece is currently in progress by IBEX apprentice, Vlad Yashin. This compelling oeuvre deeply explores the ongoing cycle of endless violence, Seen through the lens of a young, conflicted artist, this piece is an exploration of the tumultuous events currently unfolding in Russia. It encapsulates an ongoing, dangerous whirl of aggression, driven by intense emotions and a strong sense of retribution and revenge.

Helmet Momento
The scene breathes life into a tragic tale, a bride discovering her husband's allegiance to the Russian government, his hands marred with the suffering of innocents. The viewer is invited into an emotionally-charged confrontation. The husband attempts to rationalize, to share his perspective, yet the time for dialogue has slipped away.

Their wedding attire, once a symbol of unity, is now spattered with blood, a haunting portrayal of their shattered love. Compelled by a chilling desire for retribution, she makes the irrevocable decision to mirror his evil with her own. By harming the man she once loved, she continues the cycle of violence she used to oppose. In a fatal act, she ends his life, choosing to retain his guard's helmet, a haunting memento of a love consumed by darkness.
Retribution's Tear
The artist magnificently captures her micro-expressions, inviting the viewer to decipher the silent narrative etched on her face. Is it regret that flickers in her eyes, or perhaps, an unsettling satisfaction? What might the future hold for this widow, whose hands are now as stained as her husband's once were? Will the arms of justice embrace her? Will this cycle of violence ever cease?
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An Exploration of Love, Retribution, and Artistry in Vlad Yashin's Haunting Masterpiece

“The Cycle of Violence” is a gripping narrative in oil, as much a commentary on our times as it is a poignant exploration of personal responsibility and consequences. We invite you to partake in the ownership of this dramatic story of love, loss, and vengeance. t is an opportunity to not only enrich your personal collection but also to support an artist whose commitment to his craft and thought-provoking themes has placed him in such danger that he was compelled to leave his home country. Indulge in the visceral journey of “The Cycle of Violence,” and let its powerful discourse become part of your world.

Vlad Yashin

Hyperrealism Meets Pop Culture
The Odyssey of a Self-Taught Prodigy

Vlad Yashin, born on May 25, 1999, is a Moscow-born, self-taught photorealistic artist known for melding pop culture and hyperrealism. Inspired at age 13 by “The Last of Us” video game, he swiftly progressed into conceptual and hyperrealistic oil artworks that reflect a spectrum of influences from Russian symbolism to Neil Druckmann’s Cycle of Violence.

Yashin’s talent for portraying the dark facets of inner conflicts and worldly realities was discovered by IBEX in 2022, amidst Russia’s political unrest. Compelled to leave his homeland, he relocated to Paris, France, transforming his experiences with violence into expressive and provocative artworks.

By 23, Yashin had notable collaborations with global brands like Netflix and Sony, and partnerships with esteemed oil painting brands. Honored with Old Holland’s ‘Painting of the Year’ award in 2020, his captivating art, borne from his resilience amid adversities, continues to charm audiences globally.