The Garden

70 x 80 cm.


By Marco Grassi, Italy.

Perhaps everything we see is just an enchanting vision, a dream without any clear or logical explanation.
The girl in the painting is caught in a metamorphosis. Her body transforms into a decorative representation of flourishing nature and luxuriant, blossoming flowers with a peacock at its core.
The garden of Eden and the Golden Age of humanity form the core of this work of art. Yet, the way nature is represented is not nested in reality. The style of depiction evokes beautiful oriental paintings used to decorate fine china: the artificial matter created by humans changes humanity itself.
Therefore, this enigmatic Garden of Eden is something we still long for, something we remember and dream about, despite being unreachable.
Is this, perhaps, an attempt from our minds to recreate our lost state of the beginning?
‘The Garden of Eden’ asks questions about our connection with nature and our relationship with ourselves, our fellow human beings, and our creations.

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Dimensions 80 × 70 cm