The Fall

190 x 250 cm.


By Martin Llamedo, Argentina.

The work from Martin Llamedo calls us to a slow, sustained vision. With no shrill resonances but with porous materiality. A shift to memories from the past constructs the present. 
“Memories are our strictest guide,” Says Martin. “They invite guilt, reflection, and they define who we were and which roads should be taken in the future, based on what we have to support us: the past reflected in the present.” 
The last century’s English-style factories are brought to mind in a factory with bricks in view and large windows, and the depicted scene unfolds. On a grey day, the light seems to fall just before sunset. The passage of time and the deterioration of the materials give life and history to the elements. Everything is and has been – it is not a novel deed but a ceremony that has always been and repeats unfailingly. In the center of the image, the ritual they have been called to is consummated. A loom falls like the back of a throne. The nude, the Pietà, with nobody to support her, falls from the sewing machine.
She allows herself to fall, submitting to the rapture of sacred light and subject to her earthly purpose, closing her eyes in profound acceptance, like her final exit. 

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Dimensions 250 × 190 cm