Spreading Wings

180 x 140 cm.


By Philipp Weber, Germany.

What is the essence of our humanity? Are we figures of light or darkness? Angelic or devilish? With ‘Spreading Wings,’ Philipp Weber once more shows us the continuous attempts of the universe to balance itself out, as both are always present simultaneously: The battle of good against evil.

Humankind is free to act according to their moral principles in a primarily secularized world. We strive for freedom, for a life of autonomy and self-determination. But freedom also means accepting responsibility for the consequences of your actions, harboring the possibility of success and the risk of failure. The autonomous individual is allowed happiness and must now answer for suffering himself.
Philipp adds that people seek relief from the burden of doubt and healing from mental injuries in religion and spirituality.
A torrent of water falls down with great force on the female figure dressed in black leather, with drops of water forming wings around her shoulders like radiant points of light. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the winged angel is seen as the mediator between God and man.
We witness spiritual purification, giving the individual new strength without an attempt to hide the moral ambivalence inherent in human beings. Spreading Wings is a plea for the autonomous individual who, at the same time, stands by his spiritual consciousness.

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Dimensions 140 × 180 cm