Signs of Infinity

180 x 140 cm.


By Philipp Weber, Germany.

As human beings, we are often confronted with our own vulnerabilities – life events leave traces in the soul’s psyche. With Signs of Infinity, Philipp Weber addresses this, but since everything in the universe requires balance, he also points to the positive aspect of trust in a higher power.

The bodies of the two female figures again show traces of cutting tattoos. Accordingly, they are positive symbols: A star-shaped cross contains the star as a protective symbol and the cross as a sign of the Christian faith. The Nordic rune “dagaz” comes from the Viking culture and stands for the day, new beginnings, and, last but not least, knowledge. 
Embedded in an ornament reminiscent of flames, the rune creates an allusion to the mythical phoenix and its constant rebirth from fire. There is also an ambivalence between the injury suffered and the positive symbolism created by the scar pattern. Again this ambivalence symbolizes the human ability to suffer, and, at the same time, it refers to the strength that can arise from suffering. 
The falling water supports this positive interpretation and is used as a reoccurring theme throughout the Mercy series. On the dark blue background, luminous drops of water form a starry sky: the women are surrounded by a universe that blesses them in all its infinity.

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Dimensions 140 × 180 cm