Rituals of Life

80 x 60 cm.


By Phillip Weber, Germany.

How can we cope with our vulnerabilities and heal the wounds we have received throughout our existence?
‘Rituals of Life confronts the viewer symbolically with this aspect of existentialism, showcasing that our search for meaning is not always without violence. Philipp points out that we as humans often connect with a higher power through rituals, be it God or the universe, in the hope of strengthening us from the burdens of the soul.
Through her powerful, demanding gaze, we can determine that she is aware of her decisions, actions, and vulnerabilities, as she tries to appease a higher power with a sacrifice. Smears of blood hint at the intensity of this ritual act. 
As if by chance, a drop of blood stained the forehead of the young woman throughout the ritual, hinting at a ‘Hindu bindi,’ like an energetic third eye that marks the seat of secret knowledge and mental balance.
Rituals of Life represents a perception beyond reality and symbolizes the gateway to inner spaces and worlds: we bear the universe in our minds.

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Dimensions 60 × 80 cm