155 x 280 cm.


By Sergio Martinez, Spain.

Even if we claim to live in a time when people are encouraged to express themselves, speak their opinions, and love whoever they want, the urge to comply with societal conventions still exists in most cultures.

Sergio likes to explore and stretch the boundaries of human conventions. The apparent perfect harmony has cracked on this occasion, and a curious scene unfolds. The conceited liberation of the young woman on the table is the center of the piece. A gathering is disrupted, with the characters around the table representing our family or social environment and simulating a confrontation between generations. Although she is the one naked, the particular reactions of those around her undress them, revealing their essence. 
The mess on the table is necessary chaos, breaking things down to build something new. Nevertheless, strangely no one is too surprised by this transgression; though they all have different reactions, we are more or less aware of our longings and torments. Witnessing someone break free from the constraints of society can be inspiring on its own, even if we feel envious.
The clothespin symbolizes the acceptance of emotional or existential pain through which, for an instant, we can escape from the superficial. Nudity represents liberation and the necessary truth to embrace a deep feeling. “One day, you decide you don’t want to accept the rules anymore. And the feeling of belonging can contradict our need to be an individual.” As said by Sergio.

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Dimensions 280 × 155 cm