190 x 250 cm.


By Martin Llamedo, Argentina.

“Sensitivity and pleasures are insignificant; nothing can bring our human dissatisfaction out of the way, and the pharmacological cancellation of perceptions has an already outdated prescription. This development is unstoppable.” – Martin Llamedo.

A Virtual Cyborg, our chef, sits at a rotating circular table with a hole in the center, allowing it to attend to its absent guests in all directions. Modeled after a tireless mestizo worker, operating 365 days a year, Its head and arms remind of the nostalgic human being.

For today’s special, pills in the shape of a reliquary are being served, symbolizing the human desire to connect with other human beings starting from an evolutionarily abandoned understanding of the world: perhaps a spiritual one. But this representative food ironically leaves a mark on how we self-destruct; on how we eat not only ourselves but science, faith, or even our beloved ones. The attempt to replace the spiritual part with the longed-for foolproof science; the pharmacological transparency in the shape of a cross, empty and unconnected; the displaced belief and the pristine illusory reason as a consequence of consumerism itself. Self-absorbed, the cyborg blends in its foolish narcissism surrounded by distorting mirrors.

This is not an updated gourmet model. In the presence of an advanced ruling society that feeds its own or the emptiness itself with emptiness, she has demystified its body, dismembered from reality, and projected her impermeable artificial body of tomorrow.

She is Gourmet and still conveys certain nostalgia with a new oxymoron, and although she knows that it will be useless, she is the center of the table and, at the same time… nothing.

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Dimensions 250 × 190 cm