Oniric Universe

150 x 100 cm.


By Antonio Avilleira, Spain.

As one of the world’s foremost painters of hyper-realist fruit still-lifes, Antonio Castelló Avilleira knows precisely how to imbue his works with a startling vibrancy and expressive power.
‘Oniric Universe’ marks the beginning of an ongoing project where he explores the world of dreams, traveling through paths that bifurcate into new, infinite possibilities, from beautiful or incredible stories to the most terrible nightmares we can imagine.
His work is firmly grounded and blends classical painting techniques with a modern photographic and documentary approach. Yet, in their freshness and timelessness, his creations are more profound than mere documentation and depiction.
By leaving out contextual references, Antonio focuses our view and mind on the thing or person depicted, their moment in time, their transience, and thus their preciousness. The result may be joyful, fierce, naughty, or contemplative, but never dull or gloomy.

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Dimensions 100 × 150 cm