280 x 200 cm.


By Christiane Vleugels.

With this allegorical Masterpiece, Christiane Vleugels pays homage to her roots and heritage. The idea blossomed during a conversation with IBEX founder Albrecht von Stetten, who pointed out how different art was from one country to another and how artists are influenced by their heritage and culture.

Antwerp and its rich history stole Christiane’s heart long ago, and those influences are visible in “Muse.” But there is more to this painting. “Muse” also pays tribute to all women around the world.
In the background, we see an impression of the famous signpost of the Parisian nightclub Folies Bergère, which adds a hint of cabaret. The roses highlight the adoration and praise a Muse should get. The delicate red color brings out the feminine touch, which contrasts with the muscular features of the male figures.
As a personal touch and ode to her model Emilie, she added a singular yellow rose especially for her. Since “Muse,” Christiane has painted Emilie in several other artworks, so it is safe to say that she truly became a Muse in the more recent years of Christiane’s career. Like in this painting, Emilie rises like a beacon in the darkness.

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Dimensions 200 × 280 cm