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200 x 300 cm.


By Antonio Avilleira, Spain.

Antonio prefers painting on large formats and is constantly experimenting to find new techniques to capture textures and create even more life-like images of his subjects. Curious and hands-on, he saw his palettes and produced an artistic self-portrait video, an upbeat and intriguing little work with clever visual playfulness. 
His work is grounded and blends classical painting techniques with a vintage look. Yet, his works go deeper than mere documentation and depiction in their freshness and timelessness. By leaving out contextual references, Antonio focuses our view and mind on the thing or person depicted, their moment in time, their transience, and thus their preciousness. The result may be joyful, fierce, naughty, or contemplative, but never still-life dull or gloomy. 
Over the past 15 years, Antonio’s works have been displayed at 79 group exhibitions and eight solo exhibitions around Europe and North America. His works are on view in six public collections from the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona to bank and library collections in Spain and Mexico. 

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Dimensions 300 × 200 cm