Metanoia II

40 x 60 cm.


By Emanuele Dascanio, Italy.
Emanuele Dascanio’s works are often intertwined with one another, full of complex meaning, and masterfully crafted. ‘Metanoia’ is no exception, representing the meaning of its word: ‘to change one’s mind through psychological shock.’ 
Blindfolded, she has her back turned towards the Unknown. This unknown is the central mystery of the artwork, which is what Emanuele tries to unravel through extensive research into natural geometric phenomena.
The symmetry of the work plays a fundamental role, dubbing the famous ‘Rorschach’ figures and hinting towards a fractal ‘Julia set,’ only to be broken in the middle, where a reflective glass is attached. Here, an observer will find themselves at the center of the artwork. But once you move your face close enough, the glass will become backlit through the help of a sensor, revealing a petri dish with a suggestive microorganism structure growing inside. This growth spreads outwards in the same spiral as his other masterpiece, ‘The Nature of The Universe.’
An intricate audio piece was also created that transformed two different genetic codes, responsible for triggering two mass extinction events, into music. This way, you can watch and listen to part of the history of our evolution.

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Dimensions 60 × 40 cm