Liber Fulguralis

241 x 247 cm.


By Dino Valls, Spain.

This masterpiece is an articulated polyptych formed by five pieces whose geometrical structure and dimensions are systematized following a symbolic relationship. 
The altarpiece stages the development of several simultaneous narratives whose labyrinthine discourse plays temporally and spatially with the thematic content of the painting. The concepts of Hubris and Nemesis embody to represent, in a scenario of cyclical and levorotatory evolution, the transcendental moment in which the human being is, and that can lead to its end as a species and its transformation into a new transhumanist concept. 
The vertiginous scientific development in which we are immersed, biotechnology and genetic bioengineering, biosynthesis and bionics, molecular nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence in “symbiosis” with the human body, are iconographically represented here in the right and ascending part of the reredos using the Taxidermy. 
The classics warned us of the danger of engendering Hubris, whose inadvertence would unleash the atavistic and terrible Nemesis represented on the work’s left and descending side through the lightning’s symbolism. 
In our Promethean struggle to transcend the limits of knowledge, so characteristic of the human being, only the balance that provides attention to our deepest psyche and that reminds and brings us to the consciousness of our true evolutionary dimension can help us not to rush into the void in our itinerary as a species. 

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Dimensions 247 × 241 cm