La Pinza Self-aware

65 x 45 cm.


By Sergio Martinez, Spain.

With La Pinza, we see a contemporary portrait held up by the steady, almost challenging gaze of a young Asian woman. The body is in profile, and her face flashes a three-quarter stare.

She wears a semi-open white shirt that reveals her breasts, one of which is clamped by a wooden clothespin. Her arms cross behind her back, and her right hand appears from the back of the left side, with her fingers hooking the shirt hem. The skin infers softness with subtle golden contrasts. The glaring juxtaposition between the finger, direct stare, and act of submission via object grows on you as they explore each message in this complex piece that emulsifies obedience with rebellion.
Sergio says: “We are usually comfortable in the known. We naturally create and accept environments where everything matches. In this painting, I propose to experiment by decontextualizing a small object and try understanding the meaning this alteration provokes in me.” 

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Dimensions 45 × 65 cm