La Pinza Order

81 x 73 cm.


By Sergio Martinez, Spain.

Sergio ascribes the origin of the clothes peg, as an element in his work, as a metaphor of self-punishment for reasons of ideology, such as a religious feeling. It is a vintage ‘costumbrista’ that proposes a discussion of postmodernism.

When it seemed that the contemporary Western cultural world was taking giant steps in consolidating certain freedoms, it showed as a banner the almost non-existent censorship in the field of artistic creation. But then, everything goes wrong. The character of his work is perfect, beautiful, and powerful. She pursues her order and decides on her own punishment.
On a more technical note and in comparison with the majority of Sergio’s works, it should be noted that he raised the values of contrast and chroma in this piece. This latter helped in the choice of clothing and sofa complementary to the dominance of the skin.

Additional information

Dimensions 73 × 81 cm