170 x 280 cm.


By Christiane Vleugels, Belgium.

We dream to solidify our memories, to analyze and categorize what we experience during the day: no restrictions and total freedom from life’s limitations. But our constraints will always become apparent at the break of dawn, a wake-up call demanding us to face the hardships of our lives and the world. Do we let it paralyze us, or do we dream even bigger?
Christiane uses her imaginative power as a shield to face the reality of our world. Captivated by the fascinating world of lucid dreaming, it is a central point in her life, writing down every dreamy adventure and fostering its creative powers. 
‘Imagine’ captures her understanding of why we dream—two beautiful sleepers lying in the protective heat of the casting sunlight. However, sunlight also means the start of a new day. The middle figure is carefully placed in the background, with one cymbal in the shade and the other reflecting the incoming light, representing the Ying and Yang of our reality. She stands for the inevitable wake-up call that our dreamers are destined for; peacefulness is captured with the gloominess of the situation, balancing trepidation and tranquility in a single image. 
The loud bang of the cymbals waking our dreamers is as inevitable as the start of a new day. But Christiane emphasizes: “It is good to be aware of the world around you, as long as you don’t let the horrors dim our dreams.”

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Dimensions 280 × 170 cm