70 x 120 cm.


By Dino Valls, Spain.

Hiatus is the definition of separation, cleft, or fissure, but also an anatomical term for a narrowing between two cavities or an entrance hole. The open book and the sword of the Gothic panel painting on which the protagonist hangs suggest, together with the title, a tension separating what should be harmonically united.
It physically describes an internal, psychological conflict within the character, which also appears in the turbulent pubertal period. It is crucial in the personal construction of the Self, physically and psychosocially, in her individuation process.
This separating tension we see, physically driven by gravity as the protagonist is hanging by straps, but in the lower half of her only on her right side. We can also see this separating tendency in her hands and feet, although they were bandaged in an attempt to compensate.
The red rope that binds her toes adds separation between her toes while paradoxically providing a fragile hold between her legs, although the cutting saber also threatens this.

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Dimensions 120 × 70 cm