270 x 220 cm.


By Philipp Weber, Germany.

Philipp Weber’s artwork requires us to look beyond the facade, as his real strength lies in the fact that he has the ability to dig deep into his subconscious and present us with his own reality, often a contemporary translation of human emotions and inner truths, mixed with religion and ancient rites that stem from his Nordic DNA.
If we look closer, we notice a cutting tattoo emblazoned on the central figure’s chest. The fine lines of the scars form a star, which is a symbol of protection and orientation in the darkness of the night. A cross grows out of it – in Christianity, this symbolizes the relationship between God and humanity. Tracing its use back to the Stone Age, this also represents a religious world formula.
At the same time, the Christian cross points to a burden – the cutting tattoo stands for injuries but also for devotion. And so it is the central female figure that meets the water flowing from above, symbolizing life, purification, and renewal, again playing on the theme that water is the source of all life. This blessing act of grace binds them into an encompassing universe formed in the background by the water drops, which is a recurring theme within the Mercy series as well.
‘Grace’ conveys an intensely positive mood to the viewer because, just like the two front figures, which are blurred and out of focus, they too can hope for mercy for moments full of joy and fulfillment. Impressive by the size and execution alone, this Masterpiece will also be Philipp’s central work for the ‘Mercy’ series.

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Dimensions 220 × 270 cm