Freedom Reborn

230 x 300 cm.


By Arantzazu Martinez.

Arantzazu spent the first year of her Masterpiece painting only roses to familiarize herself with their textures, transparency, colors, and hues.
An ardent advocate of female power, Arantzazu firmly believes in the idea that we are the creators of our destinies.
In Freedom Reborn, she explores her connection to the spiritual feminine. Not separated from men but linked. This brilliant work celebrates beauty beyond and free from the male gaze; it celebrates love and freedom and embraces life’s beauty in all forms.
In a world rife with complexity about acceptance and gender, ‘Freedom Reborn’ breathes fresh air into the idea that we are each free to exist and pursue happiness in the ways we choose.
There’s a universal comfort that seems to embody the word “freedom”…

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Dimensions 300 × 230 cm