Eternal Breath

180 x 140 cm.


By Philipp Weber, Germany.

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Daoism states that existence is determined by opposite and conflicting powers: good and evil, life and death – Yin and Yang. These forces are interconnected and conditioned to each other in an everlasting, perpetual motion: for every reaction, there is a counter reaction.
This cosmic principle becomes apparent in the symbol of ‘Taijitu,’ in which the white, active yang, and the black, passive yin, intertwine. Only in this mutual relationship does a universal whole emerge, an eternal cycle. Yin and yang thus characterize ongoing processes of change and eternal return.
Philipp translates this ancient philosophy and places it into his own contemporary universe: dressed in black and white with their mouths slightly open, the young women focus on their breathing. This perpetual cycle connects them with the universe that surrounds them, symbolized through falling water drops – water being the source of all life, mimicking a starry sky with brilliant sparkles of light in front of a seemingly infinite background.
‘Eternal Breath’ is the first chapter of an ongoing series that combines a multitude of philosophical and spiritual concepts and forms an imaginative space within Philipp’s world in which the viewer is deeply involved.

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Dimensions 140 × 180 cm