150 x 150 cm.


By Martin Llamedo, Argentina.

This painting plays in the same universe as ‘Banquet.’ The protagonist, in this case, is not an automation but an active individual, challenging and critical of the present.
When Martin worked on ‘Crossroads,’ he became very ill, and no one knew why. Doctors ordered tests and tried to analyze the cause of his illness but to no avail. From the onset of the Corona experience, he began to feel like he was the subject of an experiment.
The artist’s conceptualization suggests illusory realism, a warning in the form of a cross. This talisman is loud and imposing and brings a razor-sharp emergency light about health and the real world.
Martin holds our faces up to the politics inside a fragile healthcare system to make us fully conscious of what is happening. He’s held prisoner by thoughts about broken systems, an absence of empathy, and the need for a more precise sense of consciousness about what is occurring in our midst.
The dress is made of surgical gauze. The foam represents the uncertainty of death versus life, severe infection, and a vision of soap to wash it away. Her hair is decomposing. Dark geometry, representing deconstruction of pulmonary alveoli. Her passport-like portrait explains the awareness of the harsh reality that we must face and fight in solidarity to make the world a better place.

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Dimensions 150 × 150 cm