Casey and the Coyote

91 x 117 cm.


By Annie Murphy-Robinson, USA.

Early in life, Annie Murphy-Robinson discovered that she creates truly authentic work when she draws what she knows, what she loves, and what resonates with her. Through her art, she validates her life and experiences, good or bad or indifferent.
Annie adds: “We all have a voice; we all have experiences that, with regular practice, will show up in our work. Don’t wait for a good idea, don’t second-guess yourself, do the work, and it will come.” 
Her technique is rather unusual and relatively unknown. Annie uses sandpaper as a medium to embed dry material, like charcoal or occasionally pastel, into heavy paper. Using this technique, she can “see” in the dark.
She uses numerous photographic references to compose her final image, which allows her to lighten the dark areas and balance them out with the lighter ones without washing out any detail.
This technique takes the work to a “hyper-real” rarely seen with this kind of work level. It lends itself well to the pervasive feeling of melancholy that exists within.

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Dimensions 117 × 91 cm