Casey and the Coyote Animus

104 x 81 cm.


By Annie Murphy-Robinsons, USA.

Annie Murphy-Robinsons intends to confront the viewer and ask questions. According to Annie, she can only express a certain honesty in her work if she genuinely connects with it.
Careful planning when “designing” her scenery is required to capture the mood she wants to convey with that particular work, ranging from clothes to carpets or how light and shadow sculpt the shapes.
Occasionally, additional props will be introduced because that simultaneously leads to a narrative open for interpretation.
Annie’s creations allow the viewer to glimpse a private world of the female spirit – hesitant, insecure, and often unaware of their power. Her experiences as a young adult were bittersweet, beautiful, and traumatic. For her, this dark period of her life is always prevalent in her work in one way or another.
Annie works figuratively, and her main muses are two of her daughters. Her work is about that space of youth where“magic” unfolds. She defines identity through experimentation, clothing, the gaze, poses, and other things. Also prevalent is the strong relationship with animals and the magic within that connection.

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Dimensions 81 × 104 cm