180 x 180 cm.


By Marco Grassi, Italy.

Marco Grassi is heavily concerned with the lack of balance between nature and humanity. With this new masterpiece, the artist presents us with a dreamlike future of society and the current state of our planet. In a future where plants and flowers are replaced with artificial, glossy vegetation made of synthetic materials, these plastic surrogates seize and entangle the human figure.

A young woman is seated on her knees in the middle of this artificial vegetation. Her nakedness and introverted expression accentuate the idea of a suffering entity, which stands as a symbol of mother earth. 
The entity’s porcelain skin and hair are white as snow as if deprived of any pigmentation. This symbolizes nature’s demise and was inspired by the coral bleaching caused by the rising temperature of our oceans. 
Breathe is a melancholic metaphor of our beautiful natural world in decline, suffering, and becoming more and more disfigured due to the destructive and selfish activity of the human species; painted with the utmost delicacy and attention to detail which is so typical for Marco Grassi’s work – his refined and delicate brushstroke never ceases to amaze.

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Dimensions 180 × 180 cm