Brave and Fearful

110 x 180 cm.


By Phillip Weber, Germany.

The Queen and her lady-in-waiting are on the run through Iceland. Used to her magnificent home, the Queen feels lost in the stony, icy landscape. The lady-in-waiting, however, leads her mistress safely through the inhospitable environment.
Although they are scared, the Queen has faith in her brave companion. The Queen’s black dress symbolizes her elegance and seriousness but also reminds the onlooker of grief and imminent death.
Seeking protection, she leans on the lady-in-waiting, whose blue cloak is reminiscent of the Madonna of Mercy in Christian iconography. Her combative gaze shows strength and the will to protect her mistress.
Both women are crowned with gold which symbolizes wealth, power, and light. The shining rubies in the crown and diadem are the stones of life, love, protection, and healing.

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Dimensions 180 × 110 cm