Bless 10 – Antonia

Master-Giclée, Limited Edition of 100 pieces.


150 x 110 cm (59 x 43.3 inch)


Artist: Philipp Weber

Land of Origin: Germany

This painting reveals another take on Philipp Weber’s brilliant capture of contaminated innocence. This take lends itself to the idea of a final acceptance of reality, as the subject lowers her chin and relaxes her eyes.

I this version the young woman is again cloaked in a virtuous red garment, surrounding her with a blanket of protection. In this still, the moisture from her flesh is beginning to dry, which could suggest an impending recovery.


We use the highest possible, colour tested printing process in the IBEX ArtLab. The Master-Giclées are overseen by the artists themselves to ensure that they are exactly as the artists want them. All used materials for the Master-Giclées are acid-free, so they will not turn yellow or go brittle. We use archival pigment inks which have the longest lifespan of any ink currently known.

At IBEX, we believe in providing the highest quality Master-Giclées to match the high quality of our artists. All pieces are produced in our own print, varnishing and framing facilities in Germany. From start to finish each work of art is handled personally by a master printer with more than 20 years of experience in the fine arts.