Black Poison Drawing

60 x 80 cm.


By Philipp Weber, Germany.


A hidden soul turned inside out, only to reveal more than intended. The dark liquid represents the substance that penetrates the soul with its poison. The hand, also stained, stands for an intimate relationship with problems and fears, but water cleanses and liberates. The white shirt also symbolizes the pollution of the soul’s purity. Black Poison is evolving and rife with accountability and regret. We can examine what it means to be saturated in a poison of our own making as a result of holding on to our insecurities.
There is a hint of salvation in the form of water, which in this case, stands for the hope for redemption. Time often brings about great reflection and clarity. We often look back with dread on the messiness of our lives, symbolized here as poisonous ink.

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Dimensions 80 × 60 cm