Back into the Unlimited

250 x 130 cm.


By Arantzazu Martinez, Spain.

Trained by Jacob Collins, founder of The Grand Central Academy, the Waterstreet Atelier, and the Hudson River Fellowship, the trademarks of Arantzazu Martinez’s skills as a classical, Academic artist are visible in every painting that she creates. “Back into the Unlimited” is no exception.
The technical expertise, the playful yet carefully balanced composition, and the delicate treatment of light – not to mention the symbiotic relationship of all these aspects – create gorgeous imagery with a solid but contemporary influence of the golden age of 19th-century Romanticism.
“My painting represents the moment of consciousness. When abstracted from physical reality, we feel the ease and satisfaction of creating in an unlimited way,” says Arantzazu Martinez. She desires to ignite people’s dreams and imagination, inspire and make us feel through images.
“Back into the Unlimited” provides entrance to another world. Simple as that, the artist’s imagery offers exquisite fragments that form a new vision of hope, love, magic, or what is and is not. Inevitably, you can’t help but feel the depths of such connections, of such truths, of such desires.

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Dimensions 130 × 250 cm