Aesthetic of Life III

130 x 97 cm.


By Jeong Hae-Kwang, South Korea.

In the third part of ‘Aesthetics of Life,’ we see a new perspective: as endless as her choices are, so are they blinding, disarranged, and at times confusing.
The traditional Korean women had to take on the role of caregivers for their children, while the younger generation is now less pressured to adopt these duties. With so many pathways to self-realization opening up, it is not surprising to Hae-Kwang Jeong that Korea’s birth rates have been plummeting.
The model looks back at what she leaves behind; what she was taught as a child might not be what she wants for herself, but what lies ahead is intimidating and unrevealed. She discovers that with freedom also comes a risk of chaos and danger.

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Dimensions 97 × 130 cm