Master-Giclée, Limited Edition of 100 pieces.

MEDIUM   €9.800 | 160 x 130 cm (62.9 x 51.2 inch)

LARGE   €10.800 | 180 x 150 cm (70.9 x 59.1 inch)


Artist: Christiane Vleugels

Land of Origin: Belgium

We often regret certain choices in life, decisions and actions that were taken and can not be undone. Sometimes these regrets follow us around throughout the years and are often hard or even impossible to shake loose. That is why, according to Christiane, it is of great importance to forgive ourselves from time to time, because there is little use in dragging around guilt when often this burden is laid upon our shoulders by ourselves.


Absolution is when the Priest wipes our slates clean by using holy water. The religious aspect of this is only a symbol: Absolution is more about self-forgiveness and female empowerment: the model uses holy water to wash her sins away. White Tulips are a symbol for forgiveness, purity honor, and holiness while water is a life force and a symbol of self reflection.


We use the highest possible, colour tested printing process in the IBEX ArtLab. The Master-Giclées are overseen by the artists themselves to ensure that they are exactly as the artists want them. All used materials for the Master-Giclées are acid-free, so they will not turn yellow or go brittle. We use archival pigment inks which have the longest lifespan of any ink currently known.

At IBEX, we believe in providing the highest quality Master-Giclées to match the high quality of our artists. All pieces are produced in our own print, varnishing and framing facilities in Germany. From start to finish each work of art is handled personally by a master printer with more than 20 years of experience in the fine arts.

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