Water, Origin of Life

Water, Origin of Life

Aurelio Lopez Rodriguez, Spain

190 x 470 cm


This is the first panel of the triptych “Origin of Life.” It tells us about the Birth of Aphrodite, who rose from the white foam of the sea, breathing in vigorously as if it were the first breath she’d ever taken.
“Symbolically, I meant to represent the birth of the first vestiges of life in the ocean. The evolution of species led us to what life is today. In this instance, I have chosen a woman of pallor, but the first humans to leave Africa were predominately darker. Choosing a white person calls for conversation about migration and mingling, so essential to human success in the past, present, and future. The future is mixed-race, and so is the past.” Says Aurelio.
This centerpiece tells us of two myths of man’s origin and condition, set in a contemporary real-world location: the Strait of Gibraltar, viewed from the Mediterranean Sea.
The Pillars of Hercules in the background represent the ambition to go further, the longing to find something more significant, and the courage to discover new worlds. The other, an even more universal story, is about the origins and evolution of humanity as a protagonist in this world.
“More than two years of dedication to one work have been a unique experience that has enriched me as a person and an artist. I have discovered that there are no limits, only challenges to overcome.” 
This panel, the last piece of the triptych, returns to the subject of evolution and beauty, connected beyond the Mediterranean, “Nonterrae plus ultra” or “No land further beyond.”
The woman with African roots has crossed the Mediterranean and now faces the unknown. Since the beginning of humanity, the human species has sailed the Seven Seas and, as a result, has expanded upon the face of the earth. And thus, the resulting beauty of evolution continues to explode.
She looks into the future far away, toward a new life in a bigger world.