The Three Graces

The Three Graces

Park Hyung-Jin, South Korea

Oil on canvas, 180 x 322 cm


‘The Three Graces’ is a departure from Hyung-Jin’s previous work in more than one way. The piece features multiple characters against a dark, warm backdrop, allowing room for a bronziness and various moods of the female subjects to emerge.
The scene has a contrasting depth and power, capturing a shorter moment than most of his almost ‘still-life portraits’ from recent years. Strength and dominance are featured in quiet ways that imply a sensual connection. All at once, Greek graces have been adapted to images of Korean Goddesses. While still highly recognizable as a Park Hyung-Jin, this work arrives with its own voice.
Hyung-Jin masters the fusion of Hyperrealism, rooted in Western art history, and idealism, representing the idea/ideal rather than the physical appearance, which has traditionally been a central tenet in Asian art. Hyung-Jin has effectively netted and captured the nuances of subtle expression and intent in this beckoning feast for the eyes.