The Portrait of Desire

The Portrait of Desire

Sergio Martinez, Spain

Oil on canvas, 200 x 350 cm


In “The Portrait of Desire,” Sergio serves a whimsical, naughty, and engaging scene where humans gather to indulge in their harmless, hedonistic pleasures.
A man with all the properties of an old-world craftsman focuses on the female form by glorifying its perfection with flora. The scene delights the viewer with its exquisite rendering of physical detail, but above all, the all-pervasive softness of the light, the carpet, the curtains, and the overall atmosphere, down to the fluffy cat. Softness and gentleness with a firm core are tangibly rooted in confidence, self-acceptance, and tolerance.
Most subjects present the illusion of being primarily self-focused for the duration of these entertaining engagements…
But what might the cat think?