The Paradox of Evolution

The Paradox of Evolution

Marco Grassi, Italy

Oil on canvas, 240 x 320 cm


Marco Grassi brought his concerns about the state and direction of the world today, and his artistic leitmotif of transformation, together in a scene that shows the state of flux we find ourselves in as humankind and our potential for evolutionary change.

His hope is fragile, as are the butterflies. “We stand at a crossroads,” says Marco, “An exhilarating moment in our evolution. Can we transition to a healthier paradigm and ensure our survival? Nuclear risk and ecological and climate crises are yet to awaken us.” 
In his IBEX Masterpiece, Marco questions a self-centered and arrogant humanity set apart from the physical world and nature to engender conversation about changes and choices we face. The three dancers, from left to right: Humanity, Earth, and Nature, take the front stage. Childlike dreaminess creates vulnerability in the expressions of the models. They embody and express the dynamics of change washing over them, brought about by new technologies.
Butterflies, ancient symbols of transformation, point to dramatic changes occurring in immediate spaces, social fabric, and the physical world we inhabit and exploit.
But an effervescent beauty ultimately reveals an accurate depiction of anatomy, but one that is teeming with vitality and grace. Dancers present with perfect form and give way to the softness of tempered pallets that soothe injured parts of both mind and flesh. We are returning to a time when art was seen as an in-depth and palpable experience.
Who better to be the docent of our dreams than Marco Grassi?