The Last Atlante

The Last Atlante

Aurelio Lopez Rodriguez, Spain

Oil on canvas, 190 x 140 cm


To look upon ancient organic relics bathed in moving water feels archaic and natural, but the mind wanders to many mysteries of the sea. The fact that a great civilization existed and suddenly disappeared remains fascinating.
Reflection of the lost continent evokes visions of a mysterious island glistening from the rays of a blazing sun. What temporary and brilliant culture its inhabitants must have possessed. Plato’s texts place Atlantis in front of the Pillars of Hercules, a place attributed to the Strait of Gibraltar that marked the limit of the known world. It is here, on the Atlantic coast of Cádiz, where Aurelio has set the scene of this painting. There’s a comfort in knowing that something could exist for so long, and this joy is resurrected with every experience.
Symbolically, the figure represents the people of Atlantis, and the rocks are the last vestiges of paradise lost. In all its glory, this pastel is a tribute to the loveliness that continues to inspire.