Jeong Hae-Kwang, South Korea

Oil on canvas, 181 x 227 cm


’Samsara’ became Hae-Kwang’s masterpiece project, portraying his muse of ten years floating in mid-air in a cycle of death and rebirth. This painting is the upside-down version of the original concept. Now the rotation highlights the rapidly changing role of women in Korean society. With a future full of prospects, she keeps one foot connected to the past as a guide.

The younger generation is coming into its own, building lives to satisfy passions and realize dreams: The image conveys the attitude of many women rolled into one. She is awakened. The water is the oceans within and without, the sea and the womb, the flow of effortless interaction and creation – she transcends and conquers.
The rotation also symbolizes the cyclical nature of history and is a celebration for Korean women and women worldwide. Portrayed by the reclining model, she turns, floats, flies, and bellows that she is free. She will open her eyes and know the endless possibilities in her world, a man’s world no more. The veil is lifted as she finds her way on her terms.