Aesthetic of Life I

Aesthetic of Life I

Jeong Hae-Kwang, South-Korea

Oil on canvas, 130 x 90 cm


Life can be beautiful, absurd, and at times demeaning for Korean women. Artist Hae-Kwang Jeong has a deep respect for these struggles and the gift of exposing all of this to the world through his ongoing series, ‘Aesthetics of Life.’
He expresses this through his love for painting and fascination with human nature. His admiration for his model endures the sign of time: like a true muse, she has inspired him for more than a decade. ‘Aesthetics of Life’ is the artist’s exploration of reality, dreams, and ideals.
“I want to illuminate our lives through psychology and the new aesthetics of modern women,” says Hae-Kwang Jeong. The black background is a recurring choice in the ‘Aesthetics of Life’ series, giving his scenes a sense of solidity. It also means to depict the oppressive environment that Korean women are liberating themselves from. 
Her nakedness is only halfway covered with pink cloth, a color universally representing a love for oneself.