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Master Links

Master Links are the keys to unlocking the Masterpieces

The Master Links are satellite paintings that offer intriguing peeks into what’s happening in the main Masterpiece to which they belong and provide extra depth and meaning. There’s a pair of Master Links to each Masterpiece.

These 48 Master Links offer a panoramic insight into the current mindsets and production of 24 of the world’s most accomplished super-realist painters of human micro-expressions and all they reflect.


Nearly five years ago, 24 of the world’s best super-realist figurative painters were invited to create their personal Masterpieces.

A generous, long-term stipend liberated these maestros from financial and artistic constraints and enabled them to channel their brilliance into amazing works. Typically taking more than 2.5 years to complete, these Masterpieces expertly capture the micro-expressions of humans in various moods and situations.

With an average size of 5.7 m2 (61 sq ft) these quietly powerful works pack a world of compelling detail that is sure to hold the viewers spell-bound.

A once-in-a-lifetime exhibition, no doubt.