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Exhibition at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bodrum


IBEX Masters


As a patron of the fine arts, I firmly believe in evidence-based and rational altruism. A sobering conversation with an artist on an evening in Spain opened my eyes to the grim reality of the art world: in a consumerist society where mediocrity is the norm, highly talented artists often struggle to reach their potential.

Signs of Infinity

Philipp Weber

In ‘Signs of Infinity,’ Philipp Weber captures the delicate balance between vulnerability and trust in a higher purpose. The two female figures are depicted with striking tattoos, symbols of various religions and philosophies representing protection, knowledge, and new beginnings. There’s an ambiguity between the endured wounds and the positive symbolism created by the pattern of scars. Set against a backdrop of falling water, the human capacity to endure and simultaneously draw strength from suffering is highlighted.

Oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm, 2023


Sergio Martinez

Amidst a world that encourages self-expression, Sergio explores the edges of societal norms. In his artwork, convention meets disruption as a young woman’s daring liberation takes center stage. The chaos on the table dismantles to rebuild, while those around her are laid bare by her audacity. This act of breaking free from norms is both inspiring and envy-inducing, symbolized by a simple clothespin. Nudity becomes a motif of liberation, a raw truth to embrace profound feeling. As Sergio reflects, “Choosing to challenge rules can conflict with belonging and asserting individuality.”

Oil on canvas, 155 x 280 cm, 2023

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