Alexander Timofeev

  • Born in St. Petersburg, Russia (1971)

  • Lives and works in Berlin and St. Petersburg

  • 2015 Liechtenstein National Museum, Vaduz,Liechtenstein.

  • 2008 “The Secret Room” The State Russian Museum and Ludwig Museum in The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Alexander’s parents are both famous artists within Russia, and at the age of 6 the Russian state determined Alexander would follow their footsteps, and the next 18 years of his life were dedicated towards this.

After graduating Alexander moved Berlin, where he found himself questioning everything he had known about life – and in an almost Descartian process stripped himself of everything he knew until he reached an understanding of who he was. Alexander now lives life brutally honest, a concept more difficult than many would think.

Alexander paints what he thinks or feels about issues he sees in society, no matter how controversial his opinion.

Alexander in every painting he does seeks to evoke a single powerful emotion, and focuses all his artistic ability towards this goal, this leads to not only a piece that hits you in the gut when you first see it, but after even an hour of careful observation you’ll keep discovering new insight into Alexander’s thinking.