Martin Llamedo

  • Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1980)

  • Lives and works in Madrid in Spain

  • 2012-2013 LA Art Show, SR. Brennen Galleries, Palm Desert, Scottsdale, Santa Fe. USA.

  • 2011 Miami International Art Fair, Karen Lynne Gallery. USA.

  • 2007 Manuel Belgrano Saloon, Museum Sivori. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Martin creates stunning illusionary world through the incorporation of theater, symbolic elements and dance into his paintings, creating unique and ethereal worlds, where different levels of thinking, time and space are bound together in one transcendent moment.

Martin has always been fascinated by the concept of alchemy and the idea something can change from one state into another – and this process is often reflected as the shift between material and immaterial in his paintings.

Martin is an especially intellectual artist – and always enjoys intellectual conversations.

Martin is deeply interested in human society, more specifically the future of human societies, which is why so many of his paintings are about dialogue – because he believes that is how we move away from the worst of the futures he foresees for humanity.