Hae-Kwang Jeong

  • Born in Seoul, Korea (1963)

  • Lives and works in Seoul, Korea

  • 2014 Special exhibition with Cho YoungNam, Lee Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

  • 2013 An JoongGun Exhibition, Harbin in China and Seoul, Korea.

His works are based on more emotional, realistic, and modern realism than naturalistic reality. He is interested in the social issues, commercialism and materialism of Korean society.  He has a particular interest in the role of women in Korean society.

He discusses narcissism and the communication of time and space using modern and creative integration with past masterpieces. He is always trying to find warmth and positive hope. His paintings are modern, yet have a human and natural feel.

Hae-Kwang Jeong has kind and thoughtful personality and regularly teaches students and his wife is also an artist.

Jeong HaeKwang is a good networker who has many good art related friends around, religious and deeply respectful of women’s ability.